“Giprosvjaz” representatives took part in the 10th International Conference "Turkmentel-2016"

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The 10th International Conference on Telecommunications, Telemetry and IT “Turkmentel-2016” was held on September 28-29 at the conference hall of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan. The event was organized by the Ministry of Communication of Turkmenistan and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan in collaboration with ITE Group plc. (United Kingdom).

“Turkmentel” is considered to be one of the largest specialized events in the Central Asian region. The conference covers a wide range of topics and areas that are relevant in today's telecommunication and IT market.

The Director of “Giprosvjaz” Sergey Novikov, the Head of Communication Systems and Facilities Lab Alexander Sokolovsky and deputy chief editor of “Веснiк сувязi” (“Vesnіk suvjazі”) magazine Ekaterina Drobysh took an active part in the conference.

The Organizing Committee of the conference noted in their welcome letter to the “Turkmentel-2016” participants that “the Turkmen Government pays special attention to the dynamic development of the communication and information technology industry, and especially its global modernization for the subsequent construction of high-tech and modern infrastructure in the information and telecommunication sector”. Nowadays Turkmenistan is open to mutually beneficial international cooperation and creation of favorable environment for foreign companies, which form the telecommunication industry of the country.

This year more than 70 companies took part in “Turkmentel-2016”. They represented the following countries: Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Hungary, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, China, Kazakhstan, Korea, Latvia, Monaco, Norway, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Spain, Russia, Slovenia, USA, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Finland, France, Sweden and Japan.

The official delegation of Turkmenistan at “Turkmentel-2016” was headed by Bairamgeldy Ovezov, the Minister of Communication of Turkmenistan.

There were a lot of honored guests who attended the conference, such as Nuruden Mukhitdinov, the General Director of the Regional Commonwealth in the field of communications; Vahabuddin Sadaat, Deputy Minister of Finance and Administration of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies of Afghanistan; Yuri Grin, Deputy Chairman of Ad Hoc Group for the digital financial services of the International Telecommunication Union and Deputy General Director of Intervale Group; Yu Fan, representative of the Central Asia and the Caucasus, as well as representatives of other well-known international companies.

During the conference “Giprosvjaz” exposition presented its services and opportunities in the field of scientific research, certification and standardization. One of the most important results of participation at “Turkmentel-2016” was negotiations with the Minister of Communication of Turkmenistan and representatives of foreign participants about the promising areas of mutually beneficial cooperation and the priorities of bilateral interaction. “Giprosvjaz” also presented its opportunities in the field of consulting services for the establishment of the test center, the development of test methods, carrying out trial operation of new equipment types and frequency-territorial planning. “Giprosvjaz” practical experience and achievements in these issues have caused great interest of the conference participants, technical specialists of Turkmen companies and telecommunication equipment suppliers.

Along with the specialized organizations and Turkmen communication and telecommunication enterprises different departments and agencies, universities, training centers, banks, services, academies etc. were presented at the conference. These organizations widely use ICT achievements in their everyday activities.

Meetings with the leaders of communication and telecommunication industry of Turkmenistan which were held during the conference will allow to create new business contacts for the realization of tasks aimed at successful development of information and communication technologies and experience exchange with other countries.

On the outcomes of the World Telecommunication Development Conference

The World Telecommunication Development Conference of the International Telecommunication Union, which was devoted to the theme “Iinformation and Communication Technologies for Sustainable Development Goals”, concluded its work In Buenos Aires (Argentina).

The meeting of the Board of the Ministry of Communications and Informatization

The results of the socio-economic development of the industry for the first half of 2017 were considered during the meeting of the Board of the Ministry of Communications and Informatization on August 3, 2017.

To the attention of certificate holders, applicants for the certification and those, who accept declarations

The Law of the Republic of Belarus "On conformity assessment to Technical Requirements and accreditation of conformity assessment authorities" came into force on July, 30 2017.

Preparation and testing at EMC Laboratory

EMC Laboratory under JSV Giprosvjaz conducts assessment of telecommunication equipment.

Changes in the Rules for the telecommunication services provision

The Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus № 518 dated from July 12, 2017 made some additions and changes to the Rules for the telecommunication services provision and the Rules for the of lines, communication structures and radio communications protection in the Republic of Belarus.