EMC Laboratory under JSV Giprosvjaz was established in 1995. It is independent from manufacturers, suppliers and consumers. EMC Lab was awarded with accreditation certificate № BY / 112 on 01.06.1998, valid until 30.10.2020

Main tasks

Conduct assessment of telecommunications equipment

Laboratory's scope of accreditation covers a wide range of national technical regulations and technical regulations of the Customs Union such as, but not limited to, TR CU 020/2011 "Electromagnetic compatibility of technical means" and TR CU 004/2011 "On safety of low voltage equipment".

EMC Laboratory is fully compatible with the requirements of ISO / IEC 17025 "Competences of testing and calibration laboratories. General requirements". We ensure the accuracy and reliability, objectivity, impartiality and independence.

Frequency-territorial planning and EMC

Frequency-territorial planning is the most important step in wireless networks planning. It is necessary to choose the appropriate network structure, allocate base stations, calculate coverage zone, estimate the possibility of getting radio frequency bands, develop frequency spatial channel assignment plan for base stations, adapt the plan to frequency limitations introduced by security services, forme service areas, evaluate intra-interference. EMC of the network design should be in line with radioelectronic facilities of other networks.

Laboratory's specialists also identify potentially interfering EMC situations and provide possible ways to address them. We use high-end specialized software, digital maps, and measuring equipment.

Scientific, technical and information support of the Communication Administration of the Republic of Belarus and its international activities within the ITU-R

EMC laboratory analyses ITU-R and CEPT international regulatory documents (draft standards, reports, ITU-R recommendations) and prepares proposals for Communication Administration to be presented at ITU-R international forums. The laboratory specialists takes part in World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC).

EMC Lab is actively involved in scientific, technical and information support of the Belarusian delegation to the WRC and other forums organized by ITU, CEPT and the RCC:

  • analysis of WRC materials, agenda and research papers
  • draft recommendations and proposals for the Communications Administration
  • analysis of WRC decisions
  • analytical reviews and forecasts on latest radio technologies
  • international legal protection of national radio-frequency assignments and orbital-frequency resource
  • geostationary orbit and existing and planned to launch satellites
  • preparation of proposals for the coordination of national satellite networks.

Technical regulations development

EMC Lab is competent in developing technical regulations and technical normative legal acts in the field of frequency resource and test equipment parameters.


Address: Surganov Str. 24, Minsk, 220012, Belarus

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Fax: + 375 17 285 77 27

e-mail: emi@giprosvjaz.by


Mr Oleg Smolyarko

Head of EMC Laboratory

Tel: + 375 17 331 13

e-mail: smolyarko@giprosvjaz.by