Research and development

JSV frequency resources, international activities, standardization, metrology, certification (Decree of the Ministry of Communications of the Republic of Belarus of December 5, 1996 № 29-1, Decree of the Minister Communications of the Republic of Belarus № 34 of February 24, 1997, Decree of the Ministry of Communications of the Republic of Belarus of from September 01, 1993 № 108/89).

All major projects in the construction and development of networks and communication structures implemented in the territory of the Republic of Belarus were developed by JSV Giprosvyaz.

JSV Giprosvjaz in well-known for its highly qualified specialists in network and communication systems design and R&D. Among JSV Giprosvjaz specialists there are 3 employees with PhD degree, 4 research professors, 11employees with Master’s degree, 21 employees are certified by the Ministry of Architecture and Construction of the Republic of Belarus

JSV Giprosvjaz has our departments that deal with R&D:

  • Centre of Information Research and Analysis
  • EMC Laboratory
  • Terminal Equipment Laboratory
  • Communication Systems and Devices Laboratory

ICT Development Department

Centre of Information Research and Analysis was established on February 18, 1998, as a division of the company as part of the Decree of the Ministry of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus of December 5, 1996 "On the problems of scientific support in telecommunications industry".

Centre of Information Research and Analysis is responsible for development of information resources in the field of scientific and technical information and analysis, standardization, regulatory documents development.

Major activities:

  • investigative research on telecommunication markets in CIS and EU member-states;
  • analytical research on modern telecommunication technologies and their implementation throughout the world, recommendations development on modern technologies implementation;
  • international practice analysis in QoS management in telecommunication networks, standards and recommendations development for QoS implementation in telecommunication networks in Belarus;
  • ITU, ETSI and IETF documentation analysis and adaptation;
  • international practice analysis in e-government implementation, e-government modernization in Belarus;
  • software development and customer support;
  • analytical research on the position of the Communications Administration of the Republic of Belarus and international cooperation within RCC, ITU and other international organisations in the sphere of telecommunications.

Centre of Information Research and Analysis consists of several departments:

  • ICT Development Department;
  • Standartization and Quality Control Department;
  • Department of Systems administrations.

Communication Systems and Devices Laboratory

Core activities

  • Developing regulations that set requirements to the means of mobile and fixed telecommunications
  • Development and implementation of technical requirements and test methods of mobile and fixed telecommunications
  • Design of systems and radio networks (cellular, trunking, mobile, radio relay systems, high-density data)
  • Analysis of telecommunication devices, means of land mobile telecommunications and the development of recommendations on improvement of telecommunication networks, radio and television broadcasting in the Republic of Belarus
  • R&D in the spheres of development, production, implementation and testing of telecommunications systems and means
  • Design, manufacture and testing of telecommunications systems devices
  • Development of regulatory documents on data protection in the field of telecommunications, etc

Communication Systems and Devices Laboratory has modern equipment and conducts testing activities in the field of television and audio broadcasting. The laboratory performs testing of the following equipment:

  • DVB receivers;
  • DVB transmitting equipment;
  • DVB coding and multiplexing equipment;
  • cable television distribution networks equipment;
  • head-end stations with devices for forming, composition, amplification and conversion of cable television radio signals;
  • optical interfaces of telecommunication equipment;
  • digital television interfaces.

Communication Systems and Devices Laboratory performs technical appraisal of analog and digital television and audio broadcasting equipment. The laboratory is responsible for documentation development for DVB-T/T2, DVB-C, DVB-S/S2, DAB, DRM, etc. and provides consulting services in equipment selection.

Technical Information Protection Sector is responsible for information security. It operates under the license of Operational and Analytical Centre of the Republic of Belarus.

Technical Information Protection Sector perform a full range of certification activities (conformity certificates can be issued):

  • appraisal and examination of security level;
  • research into technical means of information leakage (TEMPEST);
  • research into technical means of speech information leakage;
  • premises and equipment inspection on eavesdropping devices, CCTV devices, etc.;
  • consultation in protection devices selection, acquisition and installation;
  • implementation of information security systems.

Technical Information Protection Sector estimates restriction zones for radio transmission facilities.


Terminal Equipment Laboratory is certified by the national accreditation body of the Republic of Belarus as independent and technically competent laboratory in accordance with the requirements of state standard STB ISO/IEC 17025–2007, accreditation number BY /112 dated 03.01.2001.

Research and Development

  • development of protective devices for telecommunication equipment against overvoltage and overcurrent;
  • development of hardware and software measurement instrumentation and test plants;
  • documentation development (standards, requirements, norms, methodological guidelines for telecommunication equipment parameters measurement);
  • assistance in equipment selection and acquisition.

Conformance Testing

Terminal Equipment Laboratory has all the modern measurement facilities alongside with software and hardware measurement complexes. The laboratory performs the following activities:

  • telecommunication equipment testing for interconnecting analog and digital communication lines in accordance with state standard STB 1170–99, state standard STB 2156–2011, international standards and normative documents;
  • IP networks interconnection devices testing in accordance with RFC 2544 and RFC 2889 methodologies in order to define basic (RFC 1242) and extended (RFC 2285) functional parameters;
  • noise immunity testing of telecommunication equipment in accordance with state standard STB EH 55024–2006;
  • overvoltage and overcurrent resistance testing of telecommunication equipment in accordance with ITU-Т K.20, K.21, К.45 and К.44 recommendations;
  • security testing of telecommunication equipment in accordance with state standard STB IEC 60950–1–2003.


Terminal Equipment Laboratory is open for cooperation in the following spheres:

  • conducting tests for other certified laboratories as subcontractor;
  • informational and technical collaboration;
  • multiservice network implementation testing;
  • functional and quality parameters of network interconnection devices determination;
  • recommendations development on order to increase corporate networks performance and quality of work;
  • network devices compatibility testing.

Terminal Equipment Laboratory will help you to achieve high results in data transmission and network reliability and to substantially decrease costs of telecommunication equipment implementation.


Main activities

Laboratory activities in the scope of national conformity system

EMC laboratory performs radio facilities testing since 1996. The laboratory has up-to-date measurement equipment and is capable of measuring radio parameters of radio stations, radio transmitters, retransmitters, cellular mobile system devices and wireless broadband radio access equipment (GSM, UMTS, CDMA, LTE, WiMAX, Wi-Fi), radio relay equipment, cordless telephones, short range devices (SRD), etc. The laboratory performs testing of telecommunications equipment for compliance with the technical regulations of the Customs Union 020/2011 Electromagnetic compatibility of technical means, 004/2011 Safety of low-voltage equipment.

The laboratory tests radio equipment, including special-purpose one, for the purpose of research on radio facilities EMC.

EMC laboratory is certified by the System of calibration and testing laboratories accreditation of the Republic of Belarus, accreditation number BY/ dated 1 June 1998. The laboratory continues to work towards broadening the accreditation area.

Scientific, technical and information support of the Communication Administration and its international activities within the ITU-R and support of international legal protection of orbit and frequency resources of the Republic of Belarus

EMC laboratory analyses ITU-R and CEPT international regulatory documents (draft standards, reports, ITU-R recommendations) and prepares proposals for Communication Administration to be presented at ITU-R international forums. The laboratory specialists took part in World Radiocommunication Conferences (WRC) in 1997, 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2012.

EMC laboratory performs the following activities: preparation to WRC-2015, research on national orbit and frequency geostationary resources expansion, preparation of applications for new satellite networks, networks coordination and international legacy protection of new satellite networks.

Radio facilities electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and wireless networks design

EMC laboratory has long experience in radio facilities electromagnetic compatibility issues solving, wireless networks radio-frequency and spatial planning, frequency band allocation for new wireless technologies.

The laboratory has high-tech measurement equipment, special software for wireless networks planning and EMC issues solving; up-to-date EMC information resources, actual electronic maps. Qualified specialists are able to carry out EMC or wireless network planning project of any level of difficulty.

The laboratory has recently designed the following networks: wireless broadband access networks for SUE “Beltelecom”; fixed radio station network for the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Belarus; GSM-R network for the Belarusian Railway Company. Scientific research was performed on EMC of perspective radio communication systems and existing civil and special radio facilities operating in the 790–862 MHz, 2,5–2,7 GHz bands.

Regulatory documents, methodologies, special software and automatized measurement complexes development

EMC laboratory has long experience in development of standards, technical requirements, methods of measurement and other technical documentation for radio facilities testing, EMC conformity procedures, and special software design for EMC issues solving and measurement processes automation.

Here is the list of some important projects in the spheres mentioned: development of the Table of bandwidth distribution among radio services of the Republic of Belarus; development of national standards and branch-wise technical requirements to radio communication equipment; special software for EMC issues solving and radio communication systems planning; special software for hardware and software complexes control.