business Highlights

JSV Giprosvjaz is a top-ranking organization in R&D and design and exploration under the Ministry of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus

Design and Exploration
Design and exploration is one of JSV Giprosvjaz core activities. We perform design and exploration works for objects of any level of difficulty for all modern telecommunication technologies. Design and exploration projects we implemented now serve as basis for telecommunications infrastructure in the Republic of Belarus
Research and Development
JSV Giprosvjaz provides high-quality analytics in the sphere of telecommunications, effective radio frequency resource management, international cooperation, standardization, metrology, certification. Our specialists are engaged in implementation of major worldwide ICT and telecommunications trends and innovations on the territory of the Republic of Belarus
JSV Giprosvjaz is the head organization in the sphere of standardization under the Ministry of Communicatiоns and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus
JSV Giprosvjaz is the head organization in metrology. JSV Giprosvjaz is engaged in R&D in the area of ​​unity of measuring methods in telecommunications, coordination and methodological guidance of metrological services
Conformity Assessment
JSV Girposvjaz performs obligatory and voluntary Conformity Assessment and issues Conformity Certificates registered in National Conformity Approval System of the Republic of Belarus
Telecom Analytics
All the relevant and up-to-date information in the field of regulations and analytics on telecommunications market is delivered upon subscription as a e-service
Information Security
Information Security Sector is responsible for information security. It operates under the license of Operational and Analytical Centre of the Republic of Belarus
Advisory Center on Analog to Digital Broadcasting Transition
Advisory Center was established in Minsk to help RCC member-states in analog to digital broadcasting transition