Cable communication line

JSV Giprosvjaz designs cable lines from low-frequency cables to optical transport networks and advanced telecommunication technologies from crossbar systems to digital switching systems.

JSV Giprosvjaz provides full-scale object design:

  • multi-purpose digital telecommunication networks and broadcasting distribution networks;
  • linear-cable systems;
  • structured cabling systems;
  • switching centers and nodes;
  • information transmission systems;
  • network management systems;
  • multiservice networks;
  • passive optical networks;
  • computers networks;
  • data centers;
  • TV and radio transmission lines.

JSV Giprosvjaz provides:

  • exploratory design;
  • primary data collection on the object;
  • telecommunication services market analysis;
  • development of proposals and concepts for telecommunication networks development;
  • development of reconstruction and modernization design solutions for existing telecommunication objects;
  • development of individual elements of transport networks (lines, nodes, transmission systems, switching systems, network management systems);
  • development of proposals on information security;
  • technical and economical calculations.

Transport telecommunication networks and cable lines developed by JSV Giprosvyaz ensure:

  • optimal technical solutions;
  • implementation of modern telecommunication technologies;
  • wide range of advanced telecommunication services;
  • adaptation of designed objects to administrative and industrial structures;
  • full conformity with normative documents.